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Whittier Greens Homeowner's Association is located in Rosemead. It consists of 97 townhome style condominiums.
Articles of Incorporation Filed 12/4/2000
Articles of Incorporation initially create the corporation under state law and define the association’s basic purposes and powers. They may specify such things as the number of directors, terms of office, and other specifics about how the board functions.

CCRs Recorded 2/28/2001
The Declaration (or Master Deed) contains the CC&Rs that regulate resident behavior. They bind all the owners to the association, establish association responsibilities, and define owners’ rights and obligations.

Private Street Agreement Recorded on March 5, 2001 as Document # 01-0352737

ByLaws NEW!! Adopted 8/19/2010
Bylaws contain provisions concerning actual association operations, such as meetings, procedures for electing the board members and officers, and general duties of the board. Sometimes the bylaws cover the same topics as the declaration.

These are the original Bylaws from 12/13/2000

Rules and Regulations Revised 3/17/2008
Boards adopt rules and regulations. They must be consistent with the declaration or proprietary lease, the bylaws, and state law. Rules are usually recorded at a board meeting in the form of a motion called a policy resolution. Making and enforcing rules are important responsibilities for boards that must be undertaken with care. In addition to policy resolutions, boards will also adopt administrative, special, and general resolutions. These resolutions specify how the association should operate. Board members should familiarize themselves with all association resolutions along with the other governing documents.

Cost Sharing Agreement Recorded 8/06/1999

Election Rules and Voting Procedures Adopted 2/20/2014

Architectural Review
All alterations, modifications, or additions to the exterior of each lot must have the prior approval of the Architectural Review Committee( ARC). Permission to make any exterior modifications to your property must be requested in writing and on Association forms provided for the purpose. Drawings, sketches, and plans sufficiently detailed to provide the ARC with adequate information must be attached. Decisions of the ARC may be appealed to the Board.

Free standing sheds cannot be visible from the common area nor may they extend 6 feet in height. No garage, trailer, camper, motor home, or recreational vehicle will be used as a residence, either temporarily or permanently.

No fence or wall shall be erected, altered, or maintained on a lot except with prior approval of the ARC. All slopes shall be maintained as provided at the time such lot is initially conveyed to the homeowner so as to prevent corrosion to or from adjacent streets or adjoining properties.

Homes are to be used exclusively for residential use. No business or commercial activity shall be conducted in any residence except professional or administrative occupations of which there is NO external evidence or impact on the community.

Owners are permitted to install and/or use and operate an external satellite dish (no larger than 39") to the extent allowed by federal and state law. Such satellite dish must be installed in the owners own property and must receive prior approval from the ARC. No satellite dish or antenna may be installed in the Association's common area. Satellite dishes and antennas may not be unsightly from the street.

No exterior clotheslines shall be erected or maintained. There shall be no outside laundering or drying of clothes visible from a common area or street or adjoining property.
No air conditioner units shall be installed in the front windows or stucco walls and must be out of common area view.

Architectural Documents
Request for Architectural Approval
Stratford Color Scheme
Belmont Color Scheme
Fence Stain

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